10 Tips to Make you a Better Deer Hunter

10 Tips to Make you a Better Deer Hunter

Hunting is adventurous but a good hunter should always understand the prey before going on a hunt! Carrying the right equipment for your hunting session is very important. So, what would you carry in your hunting backpack depends on your prey!  In order to deliver an exceptional performance, you need to predict the behaviour of the prey and carry critical equipment that will get you close to your prey!

The professional hunters always carry a hunting kit with them, and they make sure they do not forget the essentials for hunting. They prepare a checklist and follow it to ensure they have everything. There are people who spend time hunting only during the weekends, and it can be really frustrating if you don’t carry the essentials for the deer hunt! Here is how you can equip yourself as a better deer hunter.

  1. Choose the best hunting location for the current season and seek the permission from the authority. You can ask your hunter friends for the perfect location.
  2. Plan the dates and check with your hunter friend if they are ready to join you.
  3. On the day of your hunt, you must monitor the weather updates and carry your hunting license and tag. If you are going to hunt after a long time, you must read the current hunting rules and regulations.
  4. Hunting binoculars and a harness is essential so clean them with a microfiber and ensure their working condition is perfectly fine.
  5. Concentrate on the hunting equipment and clean the scope, arrows, knife and other equipment. Sharpen your knife; check the GPS and maps and you must also inspect the tree stand and blinds.
  6. Check the batteries in your camera; pack your orange blaze and clean the firearm
  7. First aid kit is essential during hunting so check and packs them too.
  8. Pack your hunting backpack with the essentials and do not forget to miss the important things that you need during your hunting.
  9. Carry a headlamp, flashlight, hunting knife, Rope, Map, compass, mobile phone (of course), bug spray, folding saw, hunting binoculars, binocular harness, rangefinder, rain gear, latex gloves, hand warmers, Tree stand and some water and snacks. Once you are ready with the backpack, you must verify the vehicle.
  10. Change the oil on your vehicle before taking it for hunting. Also, verify the fuel level on your vehicle. Carry tow straps and chains and do not miss your tool box and check the tires and the pressure on the tires and carry spare tyre if needed.

Getting ready for your hunting can be exciting but to make it more interesting, you must carry the essential kit so that you are not disappointed at any time. With practice, you can be a better deer hunter. If you are passionate about hunting, you can also talk with your hunter friends who can share their inspiring experiences. Get ready for your hunting and equip yourself with the best hunting tools that give your accurate shots!!

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