Everything You Must Know about a Binocular Harness for Hunting!

Everything You Must Know about a Binocular Harness for Hunting!

For the first timers, here is why you must have a binocular harness for hunting! Yes, carrying your binoculars can be annoying and sometimes binocular hurting while you go out on a hunt! So, if you are serious about your hunting, you must know about the binocular harness.

Basics – Why should a hunter have a harness system while hunting?

  • Keeps your binocular at the best position for quick and convenient usage
  • Reduces the weight and pressure on your neck and shoulders (especially when the binocular is very heavy)
  • Protects your binocular from falling off the grip

Why would I need a binocular harness if it already comes with a strap? Straps are comfortable only for a small duration, and it does not protect the binoculars. The binocular harness will decrease the stress and burden on your shoulder and neck when you are moving around. The harness will help in dispersing the weight evenly across the whole body. If you want to move around freely with your binoculars especially during hunting, the harness will provide a better defence.

Experience the comfort during hunting

Well, there are different styles of harness available and the material and comfort pattern changes with one harness to the other. It’s just like choosing your backpack! It is always advisable to choose the best one that has the right shoulder support and will allow the weight to spread evenly on your body.

“Why can’t I just carry a backpack instead of a harness?” During hunting, it may be too late before you could reach the binoculars, so it is good to carry a harness that is quick to reach!

What style of harness is suitable for you?

The full-size type for complete coverage – Most of the hunters prefer the full-size ones that provide complete support to the binoculars. They are similar to a full sized bag, but it allows you to access the binoculars quickly during hunting! The experienced and professional hunters carry these kinds of harnesses with them during their hunting session.

The basic style clipped and simple – The basic style of harness comes with a clip that connects the binocular. They are very much suitable than the bands though they do not protect your binoculars completely. If you are a beginner, you can try this basic model.

Low profile harness is better than the basic style – This is similar to the basic style but enhanced with additional comfort on the straps. It also provides a better protection to your binocular. If you cannot afford a full-size binocular, you can go for this which also provides better care and protection.

Dual harness with more space – Yes, you can carry your binoculars comfortable on a dual harness, and it will also have an extra space to keep an additional binocular, camera or any other apparatus in place. If you need to carry a binocular and a camera, you can choose the dual harness!

The harnesses are available as a Snap-On-model or as a quick release model! So, choose the best one depending on your experience and your comfort and have a happy hunting!!

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