Tips and Tactics: How to Hunt Wild Sheep

Tips and Tactics: How to Hunt Wild Sheep

Wild sheep, mostly found in the mountainous habitat is one of the fascinating targets of most of the professional hunters. The main aim of any professional hunter while hunting wild sheep is to look for a matured RAM and many reasons in context to conserving wild sheep have been given so far. It is considered that a matured RAM is at the end of her reproductive stage and has high chances of getting trapped by the predators or hunters. While hunting one should look for some of the specifications and technicalities that are legal and doesn’t restrict any hunter from wild sheep hunting. Make sure you follow the rules and regulations set by the state you have chosen for hunting.

Let us now see some factors that determine if a particular sheep is suitable for hunting or not.

Estimate the size and age of a particular sheep.

Estimating the size and the age of a RAM is a sporty activity, and if you are hunting in an area where minimum age and size are restricted, then you must follow the guidelines of that particular state. Other variables like horns’ length and circumference, base mass, the arc of the curl, the skull size should be studied by serious, or we say professional sheep hunters.

Going into technicalities.

Contact the state and the agency responsible for wildlife conservation and try to get a copy of records that gives information about the latest sheep records for hunting in a particular area. For example: In Wyoming, curls of the alpine bighorns are quite tighter and starts from fewer bases when compared with the RAMs of Missouri River Breaks of Montana, which has comparatively large bases and open curls. In Wyoming, you may feel disappointed while holding 180-inch RAM while holding curls in Breaks is really an astonishing event.

Determining the Age of a wild sheep.

Using tools like binoculars and lighting source, you can easily count the age rings, or annuli, that determines the horns of a RAM. Although, the growth rate differ from one range to another but generally it is seen that RAM that is 6- to 7-years old is matured enough for hunting.

Determining the RAM Bases.

You can predict any characteristics about a RAM by judging the circumference of its horns. Check if the horns are rising high starting from the skull. Make sure you don’t focus any light between the skull and the curl.

Calculating Mass.

Sustained Mass is one of the least calculated aspects of calculating or knowing anything about a trophy ram. You might have seen heavy horns carrying most of their weights around their curl. A rule called “three-finger rule” is applied while determining anything or judging rams. It is believed that if the horn of the RAM goes three fingers deep from the skull or we call it terminal end, and then the RAM is considered to be a good one.

Hopefully, you will find this tips and tactics of wild sheep hunting useful.


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